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Porsche 911 GT3 vs. 911 GT3 RSR – Comparison Test

Patrick Long is a study in concentration, finely modulated aggression and economy of movement as he wrings out the high-performance sponge that is the production 911 GT3. Reflexive steering inputs arrest mid-corner twitches of yaw almost before they happen.

His right hand darts from wheel to shifter to wheel again in milliseconds, recalling those slow-motion biology films where a frog zaps a hapless insect with a flick of its tongue. And always, always to the throttle early, taking keen advantage of the Porsche’s tail-heavy weight bias and sticky, wide Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires to stabilize the chassis mid-corner and rocket out of turns. It’s as if he’s always two steps ahead of the car, precisely why he’s a Porsche factory driver and I’m not.


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